9 Surprising Benefits of Olive Oil Soap You Should Know

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Olive oil soap is a miracle product…Olive oil can be used for so much more than drizzling pasta and salad dressing. There are many benefits of olive oil soap for the skin, too – even the ancient Egyptians knew that!

But with everything that’s out there, it’s hard to know what’s hype and what’s real. So if you want to cut through all the clutter and really learn the benefits of olive oil for skin, I’m here to help.

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benefits of olive oil soap

Why It’s Time to Make Your Own Olive Oil Soap

If you’re into cooking (or eating), you know olive oil is good for you…or at least you’ve heard it was. Olive oil has been consumed since about 3500 B.C. and remains one of the most valued oil today for good reason, or should I say reasons?

I was taught at a young age the benefits of natural soap and the detriments of commercial soap. Olive oil soap (a natural soap) is an ancient form of cleansing, nourishing, and protecting the skin from external toxins. It has been used by the Egyptians, Grecians, and Romans to cleanse hair and skin and even to clean clothes. My family, thanks in large part to my mother, has been using olive oil soap for almost 20 years.

Making your own olive oil soap allows you to control what goes into your DIY product. And believe me, with just a few ingredients and a bit of patience, you’ll make the best homemade olive oil soap ever. 

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olive oil soap benefits

The Wonders of Olive Oil for Your Skin

Olive oil, which is made by pressing olives and extracting their oil, comes in many different forms and has many uses.

By reputation, olive oil is a magical elixir used in both the kitchen and the bathroom for various uses. From hair care to natural skincare recipes.

Olive oil can be used for specific healthful purposes. It also offers much to nourish our body and our skin. It’s abundant in micronutrients and vitamins and has many antioxidants. It’s simply a great food that’s good for your health and also helps you achieve beautiful skin. 

  • Olive oil soap is one of the best natural approaches to dry skin
  • It deeply moisturizes ad nourishes the skin
  • Olive Oil soap can help soothe irritated skin
  • Olive oils soap doesn’t interfere with your skin’s pH levels
  • It doesn’t contain common irritants like petroleum oil or animal fats

One study found that when researchers applied olive oil to the skin of mice that were exposed to ultraviolet rays that could cause cancer, the olive oil actually worked to fight off the cancer-causing cells. The rates of tumors were significantly lower in the mice with olive oil applied to their skin.

benefits of olive oil for skin

History of Olive Oil Soap

Back in the days before soap was invented, it is said that when the ancient Egyptians and Greeks wanted to clean themselves, they spread olive oil on their skin.  They used to smear their bodies in olive oil and sand and afterward removed the mixture and the dirt with a scraper called “strigil.” 

The countries in the south of Europe began using olive oil in soap production since it was plentiful.  In the northern countries, they used animal fat or fish oil, so their soap was considered less luxurious and of lower grade.

Soap must have been popular in Rome because the remains of a soapmaking facility were found in the ruins of Pompeii, complete with finished bars of soap!  Although the Romans were known for their baths, they did not use soap for bathing.  Instead, they used a combination of olive oil and sand which they scraped off with a “strategic,” or scraper.  This combination was great for exfoliation and moisturizing. 

olive oil soap benefits

Top 9 Benefits of Olive Oil Soap

#1 It’s safe for all skin types

Olive oil is appropriate for all skin types and doesn’t contain chemical irritants known to dry out the skin. Also, it doesn’t clog pores, which is particularly important for soap making.

#2 It’s moisturizing

Olive oil has fantastic moisturizing effects due to its fatty acid content. When you apply olive oil to the skin’s surface, these oils are rapidly absorbed into your skin. 

Olive oil soap provides a very moisturizing effect that lasts for a longer time, making it perfect for people with very dry and sensitive skin.

#3 It soothes irritated skin

If you’re prone to irritations or sensitivity, olive oil soap can help to alleviate any discomfort and provide soothing relief.

#4 It has skin repair properties

Olive Oil contains antioxidant properties as we use olive oil as a key ingredient in our handmade soaps. Olive oil can repair damage caused by free radicals on the skin. It stimulates new cell generation, slows down wrinkle development, and gives skin a youthful look

#5 Reduces stretch-marks

Olive oil contains plenty of antioxidants and vitamin E. If you apply the moisturizing substance to your skin regularly, you may bid adieu to stretch marks over time.

#6 Naturally anti-aging

Olive oil contains polyphenols and oleic acid, an effective anti-ager, working to improve skin tone and texture and combat the signs of aging.

Olive oil can replenish the oils lost by the skin as we get older. It gives the complexion a smoother, plumped-up appearance and minimizes wrinkles.

#7 Helps with acne

Olive oil is said to have anti0inflammatory properties. If you’re prone to acne, using a soap made with olive oil may help decrease your acne by killing the bacteria that causes acne. 

#8 Excellent make-up remover/cleanser

Olive oil is an excellent make-up remover. It can help dissolve the oil in any makeup product. Using olive oil as a cleanser can help remove dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, and sebum buildup that reflects as blackheads on your skin.

#9 Naturally rich in vitamins A and E

Olive oil contains nutrients vital to helping you feel and look your best. Also rich in vitamin E and A, olive oil can help improve skin’s appearance and boost your immunity at the same tie. Its beta carotene content can also help stimulate the growth of new cells, promoting a more glowing and youthful appearance.

olive oil soap for skincare


Does Olive Oil Lighten the Skin?

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) has only very slight skin-lightening effects. It doesn’t reduce melanin or increase skin cell exfoliation.  It’s not a true skin lightener in the cosmetic sense but has some mild UV protection and redness-reducing qualities that make our skin even-toned.

Is Olive Oil Soap Good for Oily Skin

Olive oil has a neutral effect on oily skin. Olive oil soap is non-greasy and so will not clog pores which is great for acne-prone skin.  The oil has strong antibacterial properties which combat acne, a common problem in oily skin types, and help clear out your skin. 

Is Olive Oil Good for Your Face 

Due to its antioxidant content, olive oil may reduce aging skin and wrinkles. It’s naturally high in squalene, an oil that mimics your skin’s natural sebum, so it’ll leave your skin barrier extra smooth and soft, and it’s also full of antioxidants that work hard to fight environmental skin damage.

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