lora founder of green beauty mama


My name is Lora, and welcome to
Green Beauty Mama.

I am a wife and a mother of one little girl. Oh, I’m also a dog mom. I’m a stay at home mom with a passion for natural skincare and homemade beauty products.

I started making my own beauty products in 2017 right after my first endometriosis surgery. Back then, I was so excite to learn and share about the world of natural beauty I had recently discovered. As I got the hang of taking care of my body inside and out, I fell in love with do-it-yourself skin care and beauty-boosting recipes.

what's my story

In December 2020 I quit my day job. I was a successful journalist in the biggest newspeper in Bulgaria, where I live. I had an opportunity to blog full-time and I jumped the opportunity. Honestly, it was an incredibly stressful position and I needed a change.

I set up my office and started blogging full time. Making money bloggine is really hard, specially after COVID hit. Self-employement is really volatile. Especially as a blogger.

These days I’m still trying to strike the perfect balance between working for someone else and working for myself. I won’t lie. It’s been tough.

As I also manage chronic pain (I was diagnosed with severe stage of endometirosis some years back after being misdiagnosed for more than a decade prior) finding the time to tackle my own projects while looking out for both my physical and mental health isn’t easy.

I am passionate about natural skincare and homemade beauty and love to create new recipes. I spend a lot of time formulating, usually with a toddler on the counter.

I am so glad you’re here, and I’m excited to share my natural beauty journey with you! Thank you for following along with me!